Friday, May 29, 2009

MoMmY TiMe!!

All has been well with the kids, so that is a plus! I think Zachery's allergies are the only problem, his eyes are so red and boy is he sneezing alot, this last week I have been having to put oxygen on him when he sleeps, so that is my thought that it is allergies, he's not wheezing so it doesn't sound respiratory, also if he is in a deep sleep we have to use it, so. I almost was getting worried yesterday, it had been a day or so since Zachery has pooped and of course I thought his stomach was kinda big so I was freaking out that he had re herniated, or bowel obstruction, or something I just knew it so I decided to burp him, and wow i could not believe that air that came out! No wonder his stomach was bloated he was full of air, anyways I told my mom that if he doesn't poop by tomorrow I was going to take him to the E.R, and well we were getting ready to go to the store and I laid him down to change and what a relief, the diaper was dirty! It's amazing the things that you get happy about!:) I think that I will be nervous the rest of my life, with this stupid diaphragmatic hernia! I was also looking at Ava's blogs today, wow that poor little girl has been through so much, with her diaphragmatic hernia, and that also makes me worry about Zach even more, her poor little belly was so big, so keep her in your prayers she is having a hard time right know you can check her blog out look on the side of my post you will see it Hope for Ava CDH.. Also keep little Tucker in your prayers for he is also going to be going to Boston soon for his heart surgery.. On that note back to mommy time! Tomorrow I'll be leaving the kids for the whole night! were going to a concert in Kansas City, Paul and I have gone for the last 11 years, it's just something we look forward to every summer, I hope we have fun, this is the first time this year that I will be away from both of the kids over night, not to the hospital either!:) Oh yeah Zachery and Allie got to meet their uncle for the first time this week he lives in Seattle, and doesn't get to come home much so they think he's funny so on that note I'm going to call it a night and get some rest for our long day tomorrow

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still Here

Sorry it's been awhile since I have wrote, things have just been crazy...on the other hand the kids are doing great. The medicine that they put Zach on for reflux seems to be helping to that is a plus! Allie is doing great also. Zachery has been a little meany the last couple of days man that boy was so mean to my grandma, he was pinching her and throwing his toys on the floor and when she would bend over he would try to pull her hair. He has also been a little shit to Allie, when she gets near him he kicks her and pulls her hair and tries really hard to bite her. He has been told no so many times the last two days. Then I try to give him a kiss and he starts to pinch my face and smacking at me, and well the whole time that i tell him no and smack his hand the thinks that it is funny..So we have to do something with him being that way. I tell Allie that she has to learn to get away real quick when he starts to come after her.. She usually yell really loud when he is trying to hurt her. ON that note all is well with the kids, and I hope it stays that way!:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy Baking

well our appt at Mercy yesterday went well, diaphragmatic hernia looks fine they said..I asked about what we can do about the reflux they gave us some different medicine to try I,m not sure of the name right know our pharmacy had to order it..Also they said that sometimes ginger would help, I guess it's worth a try..Both kids are doing well besides the snotty noses which is form allergies!! They have enjoyed the nice weather and we have been trying to go on walks around the school track at night..Well I have a full night ahead of me I'm busy baking banana bread and zucchini bread for Relay for Life for my moms work..They are having a bake sale on Saturday so I'm doing it all tonight because I plan on spending tomorrow on getting my yard sell ready.. We have so much stuff that has to go, we are running out of room. I still have almost all of Allie's baby clothes and I just cleaned Zachery's closet out..lots of toys that never get played with, gotta go!! ON that note..Karen I sent Tucker his book..and yes I sent it to him not to myself:) i stewed on that for hours..what a dummy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Parks Needed for Special Kids....

Today we took the kids to the park...I got frustrated because at all of our parks in Trenton, there isn't really much Zachery and Allie can do, they can slide and swing with my help but man it is hard on me to do that..I put Zachery in one of those swings for small kids and started pushing him and well he almost fell out on his scared me and him, he started crying and I felt so bad..after that he was done. I just wish that there was something that they could put in for kids that are in wheelchairs..I've seen stuff in therapy books for parks big swings for wheelchairs and these swings to strap kids in safe, I just wish that the community would think of special needs children, they have spent thousands of dollars on skate parks, new jungle gyms, baseball parks, and they even spent a budget of 10,000 to build bathrooms at this little park, they put in new play equipment there last summer and already they have been vandalized.....ah that makes me so mad how disrespectful some people are. I've thought about making a statement in the paper about maybe them thinking of places parents can take their special needs kids for them to also have enjoyment the same way as the other kids..I figure it's a long shot but you never know unless you try. So tomorrow we go to Children's Mercy for a follow-up with surgery for Zachery, I'm hoping that something will be figured out for his reflux..other than that he seems to be feeling better, we went for a walk yesterday and to the park today..I think I'm going to have to put both kids back on Zyrtec, their little eyes are so red, and their noses are buggery, gotta love that pollen!:0 on that note I'm going to call it a night and get ready for tomorrow

Sunday, May 17, 2009

E.R. Trip...

Well last night Zachery was up all night I had to suction him like no stop i tried to catch a few zzz's on his floor but couldn't then I got into bed with him and got about 30 minutes of sleep all night! So today I took him to the E.R. I didn't know if he re herniated or what was going on.. They did an x-ray and found pneumonia..I know that it is from aspirating.. They have to do something Wednesday for him, he is so miserable, and know he had a fever!:( They gave him some antibiotics and hopefully the next day or so he will be feeling better.I have a feeling that this diaphragmatic hernia is going to cause problems all the next mission is to get the GERD figured out once and for all I feel so bad for him.. I want to be mad, but who's to be mad at God....I just hate that these special needs kids never get a break always something..I just wish i could take his place and take all the pain away form him..on that note he is crying and coughing and needs mommy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today was Zachery and Allie's preschool graduation..It was so cute even though they were exactly singing they were having fun with the other kids on stage. They had a beach theme this year and the kids make grass skirts and lays and wore them while they did their songs.. It brought tears to my see my kids up there..and little sadness that they weren't up jumping and singing with the other kids:( It's just one of those things that hurts from time to time I know they still had fun. Their teacher Mrs Bridget also got a little choked up when she was giving them their awards and gifts that she got them. As you see I Finally got some new pictures of the kids posted we have more but I only had time to post a few.. Anyways Zachery goes back to the surgery clinic on Wednesday.. I'm so glad because know he has what appears to be a blister type thing right beside his mickey button, and it kinda smells I hope that it is nothing serious, it doesn't seem to bother him so I guess that's a good thing. We are slowly still working on getting him feedings back to normal, we are almost there. he is getting 130 today and he's use to getting 150, he only retched a few times today, but I still want them to check him out really good to make sure all is well. On that note, Zachery and Allie are doing well, I'm going to have to figure daily things for them to do since they won't being going to school, they didn't qualify for the were going to do our own

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

Just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies out there and hope everyone had a great day with their families.. sooo I really have alot on my mind..and don't have the patience to write much more hopefully the next few days will get better!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So Funny....

It's been awhile since I have wrote. so all has been well, besides that last couple morning mr Zachery has been having rough mornings. Every morning about 5 a.m. he has been getting up and crying non stop, like he is in pain, and he has been coughing alot. I hope it's not because we have been going to the park everyday. but also his feeding are still not going so well.. everytime I feed him he starts gaging and choking, and back to the same thing as before, so I dont' know what is going on, he hasn't got back to his full feedings yet, so I guess we will contine the same thing until we go back on the 2oth. Besides that Zachery and Allie have been so funny, they were laying on the floor tonight and they were giving each other kisses, and Allie was trying really hard I think to bite but she couldn't get it done and Zachery was licking her face and she was laughing so hard that she would put her head on his chest and just laugh.. it was really cute. Also Stormy had her first ball practice, which I wish bubby could play, but anyways, afterwards we went to Paul's mom and dads house which is across from the park, and Zachery loves hats, especially papa's hat, and even thogugh we had two of Zacherys with us he was still wanting papa's hat and every time he would give zachery thoes he would throw it on the ground beside his stoller and he thought he would be sneeky and when papa bent down to get it Zachery was trying to take it off his head, he had us all laughing so hard...what a smart boy. Although grandpa would have giving it to him, he had been sweating in it all day:( yuck) and Zachery was not getting that one. It's so funny some of the stuff that they do, that just really suprises me like that oh bend down and i'll try to sneak it off your anyways things are going ok with all of us, the kids will all be out of school as of next week, which means less running but kids all the time ahhhh. no not really there all pretty good for the most of the time. Also keep Amy Kaden's mommy in your prayers I know that today is a very tough day for her, but all who know her knows that she is very stong, and will get past the tough days. also keep Tucker in prayers to for he is going to be having a big journey in a few short months

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doing Good

I'm kinda tired but I just want to let everyone know that Zachery is getting along pretty well, we are still having problems with the feedings, we are still having to go slow during the day, I think it is just going to take time, I just hope that he is getting enough so he doesn't get dehydrated, Allie is also doing well I'm hoping that the weather will warm up so we can get out. Tonight Paul kept the kid while me and my mom and my sister Ashley went out for dinner, it was my mom's birthday while we were in K.C so we took her out to for dinner, it was nice to get out for a few hours, I'm hoping that we can go see my grandma tomorrow, she is really missing the kids, it just really depends how the kids are feeling, I know it's alot on them, to be out of home environment, when they are ready for naps it's hard for Zachery especially to nap away from home, because he needs the humidifier, so all is well for us right know, and praying that it stays that way!

at home 15days after diaphragmatic hernia repair

Singin The "Beach Song"


who's behind me????-Allie




Grandma Sammy, Allie, Aunt Stormy, Zachery