Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Help Needed!!!

Ok so this morning I was called and asked if my kids could be referred to the Dream Factory in Kansas City.. I'm suppose to be thinking about something for the kids... They can't tell me so I don't really know what to do for them...so we take a trip, ???I have no clue I'm not use to people wanting to do stuff for us. If you have any suggestions that would help my two kids with down syndrome and cri du chat syndrome please help, I know this is something that should be so easy for me but it is really not I don;t even know where to begin!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zachery.....No-That was the word for today

Well today Mr. Zachery was on the rage of biting Allie today. It seems every time we turned our heads he was trying to take a chunk out of her. He usually does well when we tell him no, but today he just was not listening. They both get so jealous over each other, which I guess that is normal for siblings, if I'm talking to Allie, then he rolls over and well does something mean, and same goes when I'm doing something with Zachery all does something to him. I know it not funny, but if she does something to him, it doesn't matter how many hours has went by it seems that he remembers and when he gets a chance he does something back to her. Well on the other hand all the snow melted today and know it is a big muddy mess, but I would rather have that then cold snowy weather...Hopefully it is over until next winter!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Oh my gosh we have so much SNOW!!! I think this is one of the worst snows that we have has this year!! We went to my moms today and she lives across town and when we came home tonight we had trouble. I really wish that this cold weather would go away and the warm would stay....I'm tired of the kids being sick all the time. We had a pretty calm day today, both of the kids took like 4 hour naps at my mom which is so unusual for them, I guess they were just so relaxed at grandma's that they decided to sleep...I bet they will be up late tonight.... I wanna say that I hope Tuckers Family was able to have their bake sale today...I was keeping my fingers crossed for you that the snow would stay away for you!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Pictures.....

I decided to add some of our older pictures of the kids when they were younger... I can't believe how much time has passed since they were little. I wish they were little again but I don't miss all the surgeries that bubby went through. It's kinda sad to know that we won't have anymore babies. But on the other hand, there at the age know where they are fun and funny in the things that they do, they learn and show me something new every day they teach me a life lesson every day. Even though some days are harder than others and I feel like want to cry and give up I take one look at them and they just smile and that just brightens my day! They are such awesome kids they mean the WORLD to me!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pretty Good Day..

Today Zachery went to school..which by the way he stayed awake considering that he didn't have a nap before he went. Allie and I just hung out and spent some time just me and her. She did very well today with her developmental therapist she was sitting up on her own which she can do when she wants to. Other than that the day was pretty much calm, which is nice because things around here can get kinda crazy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tired and Cranky...

Zachery went to school today, and well the poor little boy I think was still tired from our trip to Kansas City, that he went to sleep at school today. When I picked him up he was still asleep and didn't wake up until we got home. He was starving so I fed him and he went back to sleep and well it is about 8 and he is still asleep, I think I need to wake him up but I don't think he will appreciate that.. He will probably wanna get up when it is time for me to go to bed! Allie has been a bit cranky today, all she wants is to be held so that is what I have got done most of the day holding her:) Actually still holding her!!Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. On the other hand I'm really not happy about this weather!! It is cold again and we are suppose to get SNOW- that is crazy the kids are still sick with coughing and snotty noses, I can only imagine that it will continue with 70 degree weather and then 20 degrees, I guess it will soon warm up again and stay that way eventually. Anyways not much happened today, Zachery has school again tomorrow, and Allie has Parents as Teachers and her developmental therapist coming over . So I guess I will leave it at that for now

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A long day...

Today we went to Children's Mercy, Zachery had a appointment in the surgery clinic,(which it was backed up so we waited for ever!) he was suppose to get a bigger mickey button put in, but Dr. St.Peter said he thought it was fine for right know. We also scheduled surgery for his Lacroscopic Orchiopexy..which is..well his testicles have never dropped so they have to look with a scope through his stomach to see if they will be ok there,or if the can pull them and tack them down, or take them out:( I feel so bad for him I don't want for him to be in pain. We had a pretty good day, my mom and my little sister Stormy(which is 5!) went with us so we went on a little shopping spree..Zachery got some cool light-up Sketchers, and Allie got some cute little white and pink Nike's, then we went to Party America to pick up some stuff for Allie's birthday. Hello Kitty is what we decided on, after that the kids were getting pretty cranky especially Allie she hates to be in the car very long, and we had a two hour drive back home. Zachery crashed out on the way home, and well Allie yelled half the way home:) We are all pretty tired after that eventful day. So I think it is time for bed, and get some rest...tomorrow leads another busy day Zachery has school, and Allie has speech,and first steps

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ugh..Will the colds ever go away!!!

I have a feeling that this page is going to take forever to get going. I don't have much time to set and work on it. Well tomarrow we have to go to the surgery clinic at CMH Zachery has to get a bigger mickey button put in and have a consultation to. Both kids have been so sick the past few weeks, they have been on antibiotics 3 different times. They haven't been sleeping to well either. The other night Zachery had to be suctions non stop, and we had to put oxygen on him to keep his stats up. Fevers, coughing, crying, I feel so bad for them I just pray that I don't get sick..If I get sick this whole house will fall apart. Well I have a busy day today so hopefully tonight after everyone gets setteled I can work more on posting pictures of the kids

at home 15days after diaphragmatic hernia repair

Singin The "Beach Song"


who's behind me????-Allie




Grandma Sammy, Allie, Aunt Stormy, Zachery