Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Sorry that it has been awhile since I have posted..anyways well we have another lost not Zachery it's Allie..long story short...I was brushing her teeth and well I turned around to suction Zachery and let her keep the toothbrush and well she had it in her mouth and went face down into the highchair tray and pushed it all the way strait out and up into her's hard to explain, anyways i rushed her to the E.R and they set us up with a dentist, because they didn't know if they could leave it or pull it out..well the dentist said it had to be pulled, so they reached up and popped it out! she yelled for a few, and then was over it, I'll have to post some pictures of her later today, Also PLEASE PRAY for little Tucker, and his family, Tucker had his whole heart repair, and the little guy really needs prays for his recovery, also pray for his mommy, give her the strength to stay strong, and hang in there....Were thinking of you Karen!!
Nothing new has really been going on around here except were just a few teeth short, wow never would of thought at age 3 and 4 they would be loosing teeth crazy

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Pictures

ok here is the pictures of mister tooth less :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a Day!!

Well the day started out crappy..we all woke up late Emma missed the bus, Allie was grouchy ALL day non stop screaming! Then after the girls got out of school they immediately started fighting and by this time I was on the edge, screaming top it all of i forgot that the lady from first steps was stopping by to pick up the kid cart,( we donated Zachery's old one to a family) and trying to cook dinner..After all was settling down, no one can guess what Allie and Zachery did today?? any guesses?? well, I had to give all an enema..I think that is why she was so grouchy. It didn't work so I decided to put her on the toilet well miss Allie pooped on the toilet for the very first time, we sang the poopy song and away she went..kinda grouse but I was excited for her. Well after that I gave Paul a hair but ( I'm not sure why he trusted me:) hehe I wanted to make a big bald spot, but i didn't) anyways Paul got in the shower and I was sitting on the couch and Zachery was all over the place..I had to get that boy out of his room like 100 times today, not that he can't be in there he likes to play with all the cords, and get into stuff I can't keep up with him..back to the story. he was sitting by the chair and I seen that he kinda bumped his face on the chair, he kinda made a pucker face for a few minutes and I went over to him and all of a sudden blood came pouring out of his mouth I picked him up and ran with him to the bathroom, i was like Paul Zachery is bleeding, i thought maybe he busted his mouth, lip, NO his BOTTOM TOOTH was MISSING!!!!! I was like oh my god did he swallow it what the heck, well I found this perfect little tooth on the floor beside the chair.I'll have to post a pic tomorrow of it, it looks like a puzzle piece just took out of his mouth! ohh I was freaking out, Paul was like it's a tooth. no he is only 4 he is not suppose to loose teeth, I don't know if it was loose, and he bumped it or what it's not broken off or anything it;s just this perfect little tooth. He looks so funny without a tooth, he is going to be toothless prolly for a couple years. I need to make a dentist app ASAP. I was told we don't have any dentist locally that does kids, I don't know I Know Mercy does but I was also told it takes at least 3 months for an Appt. so I have to make some call tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sleepless Nights

Well Zachery has had pretty sleepless nights the last few nights. I dont know what it is..but he goes to bed, I usually stay up and clean or just sit back and relax, and as soon and I mean as soon as my head hits the pillow, that damn machine starts beeping, and beeping ah I want to throw that thing out the window! so I put the oxygen on and go back to bed, well he starts coughing, so I suction, go back to bed, machine beeps again, I get up to see whats going on, oxygen off by this time he is fully awake hopping in his bed, and wants to play by this time it is around 2-3 I can't just leave him cuz he is a stinker and leans over the rails, or something! by the time i fully get to bed and asleep the alarm is going off for Paul to get up..hahaha, and Emma has to get to the bus by 7a.m. so then Allie is up and Zachery is back up i have got about 7 hours of sleep total in the last 4 nights, Im running low on energy, i feel funny I know it is from the lack of sleep, I've been arguing with Paul also for it seems like weeks know things are not getting any better they are getting worse, I actually told him tonight, that one of us is moving out. We have been together for 11 years and I think that he thinks oh I'm just mad it will blow he don't realize no it won't blow over anymore It hurts to think that we will not be together, but it hurts right know because we never see him. He's at work, and yes I know he has to work, but instead of coming home he either goes to his friends, or he goes to an odd job! So I told him he can continue living his life the same as he does know except Im not going to be the one sitting there waiting for him to come home eat, shower, and go to bed. I think that at this point it will never change. My kids deserve to hear happiness not mommy bitching at daddy for not helping. So I dont know I'm tired stressed and blah...SO anyways I want to say keep mister Tucker in your prayers,he and his family are going to be going through awhole lot real soon..pray for Tucker's mommy, daddy and sister, that they will all have a safe trip and give them all strength to make it through this time... I was so bummed we didn't get to hang out this weekend, hopefully when he gets back home we can!

Monday, June 8, 2009

What happened to the warm weather???

So this weather has been crazy..I didn't sleep much last night from the crazy storms that rolled many words of tornado's around the area:( Well today we went to Stormy and Emma's T-ball games, man it was so cold. I just hope that kids don't get sick, Zachery has been acting kinda weird the last couple of days, he has just been really sad acting, I don't know if it is he is bored or if he is not feeling well or what, he has just been really cranky and then the last two days he has took like 3 hour naps, know don't get me wrong it's a little break but I don't like when he acts this way, I just hope that he is not getting sick!! Today was kinda a bummer my sister Ashley came to see us and we had planned to take the kids to the pool, but that didn't happen because it was to cold, and rainy. So we want nicer weather back so we can get out and do some fun stuff. Were are going to start our therapy back up this week, they have been getting therapy at school, and since school is out we have to go to them, so maybe that will do the kids some good just to get out for an hour, maybe wear them out so they will come home and nap and give mommy at least an hour of just sit down and chill or get something done around the house. Well I feel like I'm just babble about whats on my mind, so I think I'm going to call it a night.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Go Allie Go..No Zachery NO!

So it's been a while since I have wrote...I've been falling behind lately, I think that for the first time in the last four years I'm really starting to get depressed, I'm getting ZERO help with the kids, and I need a break...but anyways, little miss Allie has been getting into the crawling position all by her self. She is getting on her knees and pushing up, I've noticed that she does it when she is mad:) If i just let her be and and she does it, know if I try to help her she won't do it. So this is really exciting, I'm hoping that she is just going to take off on her own. On the other hand mister Zachery is being a stinker, pulling the lamps off the table, getting into the trash! The other day I was giving them baths I started with him first and when it was Allie's turn he followed us to the bathroom, and well as I had her all soapy he decided he was going to play in the trash can, of course I was home alone and had no one to yell for so I had Allie by one arm, trying not to drop her and the other hand trying to get him out of the trash...boy I was ready to scream and cry by the time I was done, also neither of them having been taking naps, so it has been steady on top of both of them lately..I always said I would never do the nurse thing again, but I'm getting to a breaking point, I need help and I NEED A BREAK, I feel Like I'm going to break..It has gotten so bad, that the other day well I go to Wal Mart basically once a month and get everything that we need to last at least 3 weeks, I couldn't even get a sitter for 2 hours,( mind you Paul took the day off from work) and had to take them, wow never again, I took my 8 year old nephew to help, he pushed Allie in the stroller and I put Zachery in the cart, yeah no that was not well. Allie screamed, Colton was poking around, with her, and Zachery hated the cart, he kept throwing his toys on the floor and every time I turned around something was going on, no needless to say I didn't get what I needed! But I'm seriously thinking about getting some respite care, I'm not to crazy about leaving my kids with a stranger, but something has got to give, i can't seem to get any family help anymore, my mom works a full time job, and well Paul's mom always has his sisters kids, or just says she's wore out from having those kids, and well Paul basically lives his own life, oh I don't even want to get into that...other than that the kids are doing pretty well I just hope me being stressed won't stress them out! Well back to the kids they are on top of each other...Karen just let me know when you are coming down and we can try to get together, It would be nice for the kids also to get out of the house

Monday, June 1, 2009

Will it ever heal??

Well first and for most...Saturday was proally the worst time that I have ever had in the last 11 years at Rockfest! We got there 4 hours late, it was HOT, and it was so packed that you couldn't even walk 1 inch without running face first into someone. I don't care what they say there was more that 50 thousand people in that park.. It was so bad that they ran out of water, and we left by 9:30 and it wasn't over till midnight!! On top of that we stayed at the Hyatt, and I was so looking forward to sleeping in..the first morning in years that I could sleep in no kids, no worries, Paul's brother woke us all up at 7 A.M he was ready to go, things to do..AHH I was so mad, we didnt even get to swim. It was like this was suppose to be MY DAY to get away have fun and it was horrible. I know this if we go next year NO ONE will go with us!! Anyways Zachery's sight on his stomach is not healed still! for some reason it is oozing, it almost looks like spit!? And he also has another blister type things coming up on the other side of his mickey button, I don't know what in the heck is going on with this. I've been putting antibiotic med on it, so I guess we will see in a few days if it is going to work. Well Zachery today also had his very first day in the yard alone, which I was so mad at Paul for putting him in the grass and letting him roll around, Paul was like you can't keep him trapped which I understand but I don't know there was no harm in it, I just don't really want him rolling around on the ground! He loved every minute of it:) Little Miss Allie has been on my hip since I walked in the door yesterday, man she won't let me out of her sight! She cries when anyone else holds her or if I leave the room, I think she thinks I'm running away:) Also Paul's brother has been in for a week know and will be here for a month, he has been staying with us...another man to clean up after:) My kids love him so much, they laugh and smile every time he looks at them, it's really cute, they have a fresh new face to look at, and oh boy mister Zachery has been in a biting mood that last day! Allie has a bite on her head, ear, toes, and I tell him no and he just looks at me like today he got her again, and I picked her up because she was so upset and she was like clear as can be bu bu bite me, and the more she said the louder she would was so cute, and I was like sissy mommy knows what bubby did and oh man she bu bu bite me, and the tears were flowing and then a few minutes later she was laughing and jumping:) Oh they crack me up sometimes..I'm going to try to post some new pictures before I have to send my computer to Texas to be fixes, it keeps shutting off on us and ahh it makes me so mad, we have to send it back to the company since we have a warrant on it, so hopefully we get it back soon, I just hate to send all my personal info to some people in Texas! I almost want to break the warrant and let a local person fix the problem! So look maybe tomorrow evening we will have new pics

at home 15days after diaphragmatic hernia repair

Singin The "Beach Song"


who's behind me????-Allie




Grandma Sammy, Allie, Aunt Stormy, Zachery